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Database driven images not showing in non-english systems(solved)


This report
(SS: Catalog.rdlc -
didn't display pictures for me. As I didn't find it very likely for Shamil not to leave a note of some issue if this really should be the case, I looked for other possibilities for the cause of this error. Further, when I previewed the dataset in VS, the pictures did display in the grid, thus the pictures had to be present.
As the pictures are read directly from a field in the database, I guessed somehow the Report Viewer got it wrong but how?
After some googling I located this page which is to the point and had a very good explanation of the issue which is a localization issue:
As the pictures had been stored most likely in an English version, I tried with the value of 79 for the length of the header as the article suggests:
VoilЮ! The pictures are displayed!
Now, the really clever thing would be to expand the expression to retrieve the length of the header automatically so a picture could be stored and retrieved by any combination of localizations.

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