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Northwind.NET v.2.0

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Released: Feb 4, 2011
Updated: Feb 6, 2012 by ShamilS
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Release Notes

This version additionally to Northwind.NET v.1.0 has:

- sample WinForms project with MS Access .mdb backend;
- sample MS ReportViewer Reporting ASP.NET web site with MS Access .mdb as backend. This sample ASP.NET application is currently running here:

MS Access .mdb backend was prepared by mainly manual downgrading of MS SQL 2005 backend database from Northwind.NET v.1.0.

In the new releases we will keep using MS SQL 2005 database as main backend with this v.1.2 MS Access backend database used in some use-case sample scenarious...

This version requires .NET Framework 3.5, MS ReportViewer Control 2008 and JET 4.0 installed on target system.

1-MAY-09: Added - a "food for thought" to "brain-storm" in what directions attached sample can be developed - what useful applications for MS Access developers and power-users can be prepared using this technique of wrapping Web Services (and just .NET Framework (application) classes) into simple VBA-callable COM-wrappers.

6-JUN-06: Added - simple SilverLight solution consuming ADO.NET Data Service to present Shippers data. It was put here just for starters to invite participating in SCRUM Northwind.NET.SilverLight. Silverlight app from this solution is currently published here: and it consumes ADO.NET Data Service currently published here If you will try to make this application and ADO.NET Data Service build and run locally please carefully read this article "Using Silverlight 2 With ADO.NET Data Services" as well as this blog entry "Hosted ADO.NET Data Services & Silverlight" Please also note that attached archive doesn't contain NorthwindNET MS SQL 2005 sample database - you can find this database backup in another attachment to this post



- - C.J.Date sample database (prepared here);
- - VS2008 sample project to demonstrate WinForms and MS ReportViewer reports bound to ADO.NET Entity Framework object datasources;
- - just executables and sample database for the above sample project.


Created a new set of projects to support working with ADO.NET Entity Framework for .NET Framework 4.0.
Released - sample executables setup
and - all the sources.
For the latter set of sources you have to edit three app.config files:


to set Data Source attribute of connection strings to your MS SQL Server environment.

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Thanks, i found Access webservice sample quite interesting!
by alexdyb on May 5, 2009 at 6:44 AM