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MDI Interface code basis

Apr 24, 2009 at 12:16 PM

Basic code for the MDI Parent window for the next release has been uploaded in a special folder: 


Please read the in-line comments twice.

Features missing and work to do:

  1. A more clever method to call the different child forms to avoid the duplicated code for each form.
  2. Option to adjust the position of the vertical separator with the mouse as is possible in a normal split form.

Issues to be solved:

  1. Positioning of child forms. Mostly handled, but for some special situations it may fail. This may happen when child forms are minimized or maximized.

Main features (mostly solved by the initial code) to be fullfilled for the MDI form to be approved:

  1. A new child form is positioned at position zero if no child form is present, and at position i + 1 where i is the highest position of any present child form.
  2. Limit the count of child forms in one layer.
  3. Set colour of background.
  4. Avoid beep when selecting a node by a key entry.