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Northwind.NET Developer's Checklist

Apr 12, 2009 at 1:44 PM


1. dba-VB

Keeps the list of people interested in Northwind.NET project both developers and "lurkers" as well as the list of favorites with information on SCRUM and other project related issues as well as SkyDrive with project docs and archives. This iste is used also to annouce all the releases and plans.

Please get your MS Live Id and post your request to join dba-VB at MS Live groups.

2. Tortoise SVN

Source Code Control software we use.

Please download an install.

3. Visual SVN (optional - it's not free - just free trial for one month)

Source code control software/add-in to use from within Visual Studio.

Please download and install if you wanted to try it.

4. Northwind.NET

Site to publish latest versions of Source Code, to keep issue tracking and (wiki) discussions.

Please create your account and send instant message to Shamils or Gustav via CodePlex to get your account added to the list of developers of Northwind.NET

5. Mark Breen's SCC SVN Server

Main Source Code Control site.

Please send message to Mark Breen (mark.breen*AT* to get your username and password to use with this server.
Once you'll get your username and password create a folder on your harddisk to keep project files and get files from SVN server using Tortoise SVN.

6. Northwind.NET project setup readme

7. SCRUM planning/tracing

Scrum planning/tracing site - setup completed but site is not yet in full use by team members as team isn't yet established and as I currently have to spend most of the time on development of Northwind.NET project forms/reports and I didn't have enough time to prepare data for this site: we currenly keep all planning in one MS Excel workbook available with together with source code.