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The Northwind.NET site was created to develop and keep a set of sample applications demonstrating various modern technologies and development practices used within .NET Framework and Visual Studio 2008.

This site is also an attempt to apply the distributed SCRUM process for small teams of developers from different countries and time zones working together to achieve common goals of continuous learning of the new technologies and of delivering sample applications ready to try, investigate and use by a broad worldwide developers' audience.

Mission Statement

Northwind.NET is dedicated to professional, business and personal growth by participating in transformation of a series of sample projects to effectively meet and solve challenges and tasks that we face every day in this dynamic world of development. Using modern techniques and technologies, agile software development methodologies and open discussions, we aim to minimize overheads and to use the right tools for the right jobs -- for everybody's advantage.


We start with the well known MS Access "Northwind" sample application by upsizing its database to MS SQL 2005 and by "cloning" its forms and reports using .NET Framework's Windows Forms and ADO.NET Datasets. The Northwind.NET v.1.0 sample application will be a foundation for the future development.

In our next round (v.1.5), we will develop a menu-driven MDI interface, and also introduce unit testing (nUnit) for navigational logic.

The next release is planned to be an enhanced TreeView-/ListView-driven MDI interface, as well as paged database interaction to optimize backend data traffic (v.2.0)

We're going to advance this project in a steady set of small steps, and we avoid trying to plan far ahead as such planning proves to be inefficient and a waste of resources. Therefore what development techniques and technologies will be investigated in v.3.0 is unclear now. Possibilities include:

- WPF user interface or
- Classical ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 interface or
- Using LINQ for SQL or
- Custom ORM layer(s) or
- Web Services...

In the long run, we plan to try and to investigate and compare the pros and cons and applicability in certain contexts of all of the above and many other .NET Framework's development tools, techniques and technologies. We also plan to extend the Northwind application Business Domain Model to implement and demonstrate business rules validation and business processes workflow automation.

This site is not aimed to be a "geekend" of tricky "rocket-science" coding or a full coverage of all of the features used in its tools and technologies. It is a collective learning experience. We plan to address the commonly used features, tools and technologies, and to present them in working sample applications - thus we really want and even urge your active feedback to make this site a place where you can participate in sample projects, pose your questions, influence our roadmap milestones, get answers and find solutions for your real life business software development tasks.

We've Got Magic To Do - Just For You

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"Pippin", Magic to Do


VisualSVN has kindly supported the project with a developer license for VisualSVN:

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